Davids Big Day

13 12 2010
Davids Big Day

A New Start


Sunset with the ITR

1 04 2010

A HDR image of Jame’s Uk Integra Type R
Only modification is a JDM Integra Tyre R manifold and Decat apart from that everything else is completely Stock.
The shot was taken in Ikea car park in the middle of March and we surprisingly got sunny weather that day.
For more photos of the shoot check my FlickR page


Striaght No Chaser

17 03 2010

Straight on no Chaser

Pretty much a no brainer White background, no Falsh focus on the eyes go for the KILL

Big smile for the camera

12 03 2010

Taken in the moment before dinner. All credit to Jason for taki

The attention of a Wasp

12 03 2010

Taken while I was in ETS test house undergoing EMC testing on a product. They had a large open space which they used part of the land to grow natural vegetables and keep chickens there. It was a summers day in 2009 and naturally the grounds had alot of insects around, I spotted this flower with a Wasp on it and it must of sat there for a bit, enough time for me to snap afew shots of it in action.

Going out with a Bang

11 03 2010

On the day of the Chinese New year festival held in the Centre of London the final show case was a big Fireworks display, ended up being late and all the good places to stand got quickly taken up. I ended up being near the back of the crowd, which didn’t turn out to badly considering my wide angle lens.

1/8th sec F4 Iso 400 at 24mm

Taken at 24mm 1/15th sec Iso 400

A Jamaican Evening

11 03 2010

This was taken on a 10 sec exposure at 3.5 with a low flash 200iso I wanted to get the feeling of movement without losing too much of the dynamic range in the background