Big smile for the camera

12 03 2010

Taken in the moment before dinner. All credit to Jason for taki


Tumi’s 26th

17 01 2010

Canon 40d 1.8, 1/40, 125 ISO, Bounce Flash WB Flash

Really love using the aged photo adjustment on lightrooms at present if gives a real warm almost golden glow to this image.

Really wanted to grab the excitement of the night here and i think i got it.

Feels like Christmas without the green

Black and White

15 01 2010

Beautiful Girl + B&W + Naked = Art

Whenever you take picures of a model you need to aware of her dimensons and how they best suit the camera.

It also needs to be 45mins per shoot.

1/80  1.8  200Iso ,  50mm Lens , Ettl Flash Bounce.

Angry Happy

15 01 2010

Canon 40d on a 50mm 1.8 portrait, nothing has been done to the edit apart from a little post crop, WB FLASH using a speed flash 580exii bounce flash ISO 125.

This was a really interesting piece I felt although the expression is angry it still captured the playful side of the image MODEL: SAMANTHA LAYNE