Striaght No Chaser

17 03 2010

Straight on no Chaser

Pretty much a no brainer White background, no Falsh focus on the eyes go for the KILL


Big smile for the camera

12 03 2010

Taken in the moment before dinner. All credit to Jason for taki

Black and White

15 01 2010

Beautiful Girl + B&W + Naked = Art

Whenever you take picures of a model you need to aware of her dimensons and how they best suit the camera.

It also needs to be 45mins per shoot.

1/80  1.8  200Iso ,  50mm Lens , Ettl Flash Bounce.

Angry Happy

15 01 2010

Canon 40d on a 50mm 1.8 portrait, nothing has been done to the edit apart from a little post crop, WB FLASH using a speed flash 580exii bounce flash ISO 125.

This was a really interesting piece I felt although the expression is angry it still captured the playful side of the image MODEL: SAMANTHA LAYNE